This is a very powerful marketing plan. Everything is covered. And done by professional marketing experts to move your site to the top of all search engines and stay on top. If you want the best marketing plan, this is it.

Get TOP Search Rankings on
Google & Stay on Top



    We will write 140 articles promoting your website all over the web. Each article will be about 400 words each. Making this a great marketing plan. The Winning Marketing Plan is great on value too. The average price online is around $10.00 per written article. In this marketing plan, we will create 140 written articles and that would cost $1,400 if paid $10.00 for each article. With all of the extra features, this plan has to offer, the cost can be more much higher. You are not going to pay $1,400 + to buy this total marketing product. The Monthly Winning Marketing is pack with everything needed to promote your site.

Here is a few examples how this marketing is done below ... 

Below is a listing of the sites used to promote your website ...

50 High DA web 2.0 Properties
40 High DA Trusted Profiles
40 High DA Bookmarks
10 EDU Profiles
100 Web 2.0 Media Profiles
50 Blog Platform Articles
20 High DA Documents Links
15 Image Sharing Backlinks
30 Niche Related Blog Comments
20 High DA Forum Profiles
20 Press Releases
One Video Creation, will be done for your website.  Below is a sample of the video creation


One video created then submitted to 20 video sharing sites 
Power Point Creation
20 Power Point Submissions
1 EDU Blog Post
* * *
1 Weebly Post
10 High PA Tumblr Posts
1 Wordpress Post
1 Blogspot Post
1 Medium Post
1 Stubmbleupon Share
1 Flickr Share
1 Myspace Share
1 Post
1 Playbuzz Post
1 Borepanda Post
1 Minds Post
1 Linkedin Post
* * *
250 Facebook Reshares
500 Twitter Retweets
500 Google+ Reshares
Tier 2
Blog Comments LinkJuice
Bookmarks LinkJuice
Article Submission
Guestbook Comments
Social Network Profiles
Static Links
Referrer Links
Instant Link Idexer Services
Drip Feed Pinging

 Monthly Winning Marketing Plan 

   Cost -  $279.00 per month 

Each Month New Content Created 

This plan will take 30 days to complete 

All money transactions are In United States Dollars and are fully secured by PayPal

Full report upon completion sent to you by email





 Terms Of Using "The Monthly Winning Marketing Plan"

1. We will make a video like one above. There is no revisions. We don't need any written script to make the video. We will get all info needed to make a video from your site. 

2. Only one cool video will be made. 

3. There is no refunds after payment has been made because we have started working your marketing project. 

4. You can cancel at anytime within the 30 day period. This is to stop being billed on next marketing period.

5. in this marketing plan The Monthly Winning Marketing Plan, we will have re-directed backlinks placed all over web, all created for you. This to increase your web-traffic and make your website more popular. AllstarBoost can not be held liable for anything. AllstarBoost is going to do the best job into helping to increase your website web-traffic and make your online business more money from using our marketing plans.

6. There is no approval on your behalf on any written article, or link, or posting to any site in this marketing plan. We will get the job done all in a professional manner.

7. On completion of this The Monthly Winning Marketing Plan, we will send a complete.

8. There is no refunds if not satisfied for any reason after the job is completed. Yeah, I know your are going to get a lot of traffic from this marketing plan. Understand there are people who are never satisfied. It is like trying to get something for FREE. We worked hard, doing our best job for you. The truth is your going like this marketing plan and be very satisfied.