Boosting a site's organic rankings is the goal of every online marketer. One of the most tedious aspects of the whole SEO process is the creation of backlinks and submission of content. This software solves this issue as it works to automate most of the processes that marketers find very time-consuming.

In this software everything is all included. You don't need a proxy service, or article builder software. It is all included. 

The one thing you have to buy extra is Google 2captcha service, this will cost extra $10 to $50 depending how much you need. Google 2captcha is a service where 90% of websites have on them to stop spamming, making sure there is a real person on their site. Using Google 2captha with this software will make sure your articles, and all your links get posted.



This software is an SEO platform that specializes on backlinks to boost organic rankings. For those who have been doing SEO for quite some time now and for those who are new in the field, This software is an all in one solution for creating a genuine network of backlinks pointing to your money site.

This software is fully set up for all Windows Computers. 

What does this software it do?

In a nutshell, it posts your content automatically to Web 2.0 sites aiming to generate a rich network of backlinks to send your site right at the very top of Search Engine Results Pages(SERPS)

Are you looking for a easy to use SEO Marketing tool for a Windows Computer?

This software, as its name implies, does all of the submission process for you with just a few clicks, it will automatically post articles and links to your money site, easily. 

Using This Software will save you a lot of time.    

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