Are you looking for a really good, Automated SEO Marketing Software?

But you want one to work on your Mac computer. Ok you found it. This software cost amazing low monthly price of $49 per month. Yes, that sounds like a good number.

Understand to make this software work correctly. One needs to use third party companies that can be incorporated when using this marketing software. Yes, the cost will be about extra $100 per month for the third party companies.

The total cost each month is around $150 per month, but could be much  lower. This is an estimate, but one can get a discount price on the third party companies when you are all signed in and ready to promote your website.

What third party companies I need use, to make this powerful marketing software work better --- 

1. Article Builder Software

2. Proxy Service 

3. Indexing Service 

4. Google 2captcha

This Software uses those third party companies and makes the software work, extremely well. Getting those high quality links to your website more easily. The tech support is also great. Helping you to achieve success.

This software needs to take a look, or sign up for 7 Day Free Trial. Have any question then contact support and get your answers to your questions. Yeah, this a great software. 

Why Do You Need This SEO Software?

A lot of link-building tools have been created over the years. These tools were highly-efficient in the past which there was still use of mass-building tools and Google was still quite naïve. However, those days are long gone. Today, the existing link building tools do not work anymore. There are many reasons behind it:-

  • A lot of platforms including websites like PHPFox and Elgg are quite worthless. How is it that a poor website which is being spammed by everyone be any use?

  • A vital off-set factor in SEO is the use of backlink builder software, generated from high-quality websites. Moreover, the link building tools don’t have a lot of these websites as well.

  • The successful rate of submission is low since they have been neglected a lot. Moreover, these tools can only be used on Windows PC. With this being the era of mobile devices, you should be comfortable using these tools on your smartphones or your Mac computer.

  • On top of that, most of them are too expensive and still remain a useless link-building tool.

Thankfully, this software comes with a solution to all of these problems. It comprises of 130+ high-authority websites like wordpress, tumblr and much more. At the same time, it supports a lot of platforms as well. The successful submission rate is also quite high.