What is Native Advertising?

Native advertising is the integration of marketing content with a website or service in such a way that it blends in with the rest of the material presented in terms of its content, format, style or placement.

Native advertising involves the use of editorial communications within paid advertising space. However instead of using a traditional banner advertisement, the advertiser’s message is put forward through editorial content that is clearly labelled but adapted to suit the flow of the website.

Native advertising is integrated into its surrounding platform so it does not distract the receiver. Instead it should contribute with content that the user is already interested in.

Native advertising is an effective way of reaching out and engaging with a larger audience and establishing your own brand. Native ads are more engaging than banners.


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Programmatic Advertising Technology - Native Advertising 

Programmatic ad buying is the automated process of buying or selling online advertisements at scale. It has become increasingly more popular in the digital space as a way to purchase inventory, as there are many benefits to the advertiser. 

Unlike traditional advertising, where audiences are put together using demographics based on people who watch a certain TV show or read a specific magazine, Programmatic Advertising takes another step forward and is able to target audiences by extremely specific criteria.

Programmatic opens up unrivaled inventory and smart targeting, adding a layer onto your digital strategy to help you exceed any KPI, your Key Performance Indicators. It allows us to buy inventory and target specific audiences in a way we never have before, providing richer and smarter advertising experiences. 

Programmatic technology gains access to almost 99% of all online ad inventory and allows businesses to reach their audiences like never before. Advertisers can work with a range of media buyers to get quality web traffic at lower rates as much as possible.


What Can Native Advertising Boost?

1.  Conversions -  Generate leads & sign ups

2.  Sales - Drive online purchases

3.  Apps - Increase app downloads

4.  Brands - Increase brand awareness

5.  Ad Arbitrage - Maximize advertising revenue

6.  Engagement - Increase website pageviews

7.  Videos - Increase video views

8.  Alexa - Improve Alexa ranking

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