Yahoo Listings

We get you listed and seen across the very First Page on Yahoo, attracting you brand new customers. Using the very latest website promotion, positioning and optimization techniques, we will get your website business, or URL seen on Page One.

For the keywords that will get you customers, you can expect First Page positions and rankings in Yahoo.

Google Page One

To make your website a success we get you listed and advertised in Google's First Page results, fast. Positioning your website above your competitors, we get your website seen on the First Page of  Google's search engine partner results.

We achieve all Page One advertising in Google 

Bing Marketing

First Page positions in Bing, owned by Microsoft and part of the Yahoo and Bing Search Alliance, included. Using the very best in search engine optimization (SEO) techniques and marketing the Page One Plan works to get your website seen in Bing results.

The Page One Plan works to achieve top results in every major search engine, and with Bing being second only to Google in the number of new customers it can potentially bring you.

Twitter Visibility

Twitter promotion for your website, means you can attract new enquiries from your marketing in TwitterWe help attract new customers through advertising your business or website in Twitter. You can be sure its a really great way to get your business seen.

By promoting your website in Twitter, we help attract new customers to your business, brand and website. Whether you already have a presence in Twitter, or not; we start advertising right away. 

YouTube Commercials

You have seen the 'big' companies advertise in YouTube, now we get you seen with your own commercials. We will create highly optimized video presentation commercials for your website business, and list these with the YouTube video media platform.

Start attracting new potential customers from YouTube, the number one media network on the internet. 

Facebook Promotion

Personal consumers & business use Facebook every day, and these can now be your new customers. Facebook marketing is fully included in this marketing plan, we get your website seen in Facebook.

Whether you need new business customers or consumers to know about you, we promote your website in Facebook today to maximize your visibility and attract new customers to you.

 Achieve First Page Results

First Page On Google, Yahoo, Bing  has a 100% refund guarantee should we not achieve First Page results. Please note; that we have a 99% success rate so you can be assured of the very best First Page results.

First Page On Google, Yahoo, and Bing Marketing Plan 

This is a yearly plan is just $185.99 and at extremely low price. 

All money transactions are In United States Dollars and are fully secured by PayPal





Privacy Policy ...

AllstarBoost is 100% committed to protecting your full privacy and will always maintain the full security of any and all personal information received from you, at anytime.

When making an online purchase, we simply need to know your name, address, website address, email address, keywords. This will allow us to fully process and your purchase then begin working on this marketing plan.

We certainly do not share anything with any third parties for commercial reasons, and the only time anything would ever be shared is when you make a purchase through PayPal, and that is only so you can complete your online purchase, as you would with any company.

Yes, we do use a technology called "cookies" as part of our website statistic package so we can understand your visit to us, and that of others. This helps us to improve our website to make it as efficient as possible. Your privacy is completely protected offline with AllstarBoost.

Terms of Use ...  

AllstarBoost achieves Page One results for your website utilizing a variety of methods, and may include but may not be limited to, direct search engine marketing of your website, utilizing advertising platforms such as Bing Ads™, Facebook Business Advertising™, Twitter Advertising™ or Google Adwords™, we also use link building marketing. When combined these methods should achieve Page One results. is not associated with Google™, Yahoo™, Bing™, Twitter™, Youtube™ or Facebook™. 

We created a new team helping owner's get on first page natural search listings. These results is every website owner wants to achieve. AllstarBoost cannot unfortunately provide any guarantee that the marketing services will meet your requirements, although we do our very best of course. Usually takes within 90 days to achieve a first page search listing.   

Video's are usually 2 - 4 minutes long, however due to the privacy of our customers we do not unfortunately provide examples ads of the entire video and its work are also fully optimized. 

Purchaser means the individual or organization who Purchases or agrees to Purchase the marketing services from AllstarBoost. That means you really. Contract means the contract between AllstarBoost and the Purchaser for the provision of marketing services incorporating these terms & conditions. Marketing services means the marketing services that the Purchaser agrees to Purchase from AllstarBoost. Terms & conditions means the terms & conditions for the provision of marketing services set out in this agreement and any special terms & conditions agreed in writing. Our website means

There is no refunds after payment has been recieved because work has started. Due to exremely low price for this yearly marketing plan there is no refund if cancelled at any time within the 12 months. Getting the plan at this low cost maintains promotion of your website for entire year. AllstarBoost can not be held liable for anything and its partners. AllstarBoost is going to be professional about promoting your website helping to increase web-traffic and sales. 

 If you want a more detailed marketing plan, buy "The Monthly Winning Marketing Plan" 

The Monthly Winning Marketing Plan. You can be #1 from nowhere or your rankings can grow by 20-50 positions.
This search engine marketing plan includes a wide range of marketing targets to attract new visitors to your website.
Satisfied customers and each of them received their keywords on Top of Search Engines at different times and by different forces. 

It depends on a huge number of factors. From what your competitors have done to algorithms updates.  We always try our very best to get customer's website, First Page Natural Listings On The Search Engines and 60% of our customers get ranked in the Top 10 for at least one of their keywords.