About buying music and downloading. 

Find all the great music on this site where you can download music. The site has a large collection of mp3 songs and albums available to download and their music library is always growing. The library consists of more than 3,500,000 songs, both old and new music, so there's bound to be something for you on there. They might not be the largest site on the web, but they are one of the cheapest.

What's the cost of music?

What makes this site different is the songs on the site cost just 12ยข. The price is the same for every track on the site, popular music, rare music, even the really long ones! Albums are cheap too.

What's the music quality like?

One can get amazing song quality. Every song on the site is 320kbps. That means you can turn up the music loud and the quality will be perfect! All the music is in mp3 format too, so it will work with pretty much every music player around.

Will it work with my cell/mobile phone and my computer?

Yes. All music will work with all devices that are capable of playing mp3s. That means mobiles/cell phones, laptops, tablets, and desktop computers will work! 

The Best Thing is.

One can listen to any song before you buy.

Make a library of songs you like to listen to. This in not a monthly music site. Making it easy to buy music you want and at very cheap price.