Article Marketing 

Article Marketing has become one of the most powerful methods of promoting your website. Traffic gained through article marketing is highly result oriented and targeted due to the fact that articles are relevant, highly informative and useful, sharing content that your audience is looking for. We scrupulously work on every article and its subject area, so that the backlinks you get are 100% resultative, natural and Penguin safe.

Our article submission service consists of:

-  We will write one unique article about 400 words and submit the article to 250 high DA article directories.
-   A backlink link is placed in each written article. All backlinks are connected to your website by a link. If this backlink is clicked on by anyone surfing the web, it will be re-directed back to your website. This is why? backlinks are so important, into increasing web traffic. Having 250 backlinks on written articles and all can be re-directed  back to your website, making your site more popular.
-  Top Article Directories (we submit the articles only to top and high DA article directories)

Samples of  some article marketing below:




 Article Marketing ... with a low price 

   Cost -  $39.00

This is one time purchase ... 

This plan will take 10 days to complete or less ... 

Full report upon completion ... 

This is a one time purchase ... 





Terms ... 

1. There is no refunds after payment has been made because we have started working your marketing project. 

2. This is a one time payment so no other payments have to made.

3. This is marketing effort where your web address link will be placed all over net. This to increase web-traffic. AllstarBoost can be held liable for anything. 

4. There is no approval on your behalf on any written article, or link, or posting to any site in this marketing plan. We will get the job done all in a professional manner.

5. On completion of Article Marketing, we will send a complete report. Only one report will be sent. This is because the report being a large file.

6. There is no refunds if not satisfied for any reason after the job is completed. Yeah, I know your are going to get a lot of traffic from this marketing plan. Understand there are people who are never satisfied. It like trying to get something for FREE. We work hard, doing our best job for you. The truth is your going like this marketing plan and be very satisfied.