How to use this software on Apple Computers

1. You have to install "Microsoft Remote Desktop" first, you can download it from the App Store easily, here is the link

2. Next you need to buy Cheap Windows VPS.

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3. You don't need to buy Window 10 operating system.

4. Recommended is 2019 Windows Server, you can decide which server you prefer.

5. Once we send you the details of the Windows VPS Server, you need to use the details to connect via "Microsoft Remote Desktop" application on you Mac Apple Computer.

6. Once logged in you have to name your Windows VPS, for example like NS1 and NS2.

7. Recommended is the manage Windows VPS, where you get the full support if needed.

8. Also you have choose your location of your Windows VPS. It really does not matter which location you choose, all locations will work great. 

Yes this easy to use, if have any questions, email support before buying. You will be able run this Windows VPS Software on your Mac Apple Computer and other Windows Software if needed. Yes, it cost a little extra money but you don't have to buy another computer to use this software. Another very important thing about using this Cheap Windows VPS, you will be able run this software 24 hours a day even when you turn off your computer.

9. After you have your Cheap Windows VPS all connected and working then download The All In One Marketing Software for Free.

10. Lets go over cost, Ok you got Microsoft Remote Desktop Free in the the App Store, and purchase the Cheap Windows VPS monthly plan. You can cancel your Cheap Windows VPS Plan at any time. At the cost of one month you can test out The All In One Marketing for Free.

Below is where to buy your Cheap Windows VPS. 








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