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- Manual work
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3 Months Of SEO Marketing

   Cost -  $219.00

This is one time purchase.  One will receive 3 months SEO Marketing. Promoting your website

This plan will take 90 days to complete.  Each month you will receive a report by email

No on-going payments after 3 months - This is a one time payment to receive 3 months of SEO marketing 

All money transactions are in United States Dollars and are fully secured by PayPal





Terms Using "3 Months Of SEO Marketing"

1. We will make a video like one on The Monthly Winning Marketing Pan.. There is no revisions. We don't need any written script to make the video. We will get all info needed to make a video from your website. 

2. Only one cool video will be made. 

3. There is no refunds after payment has been made because we have started working your marketing project. 

4. This is a one time payment so no other payments have to made.

5. in this marketing plan 3 Months Of SEO Marketing, we will create links all over web. This to increase your web-traffic and make your website more popular. AllstarBoost can not be held liable for anything. AllstarBoost is going to increase your website web-traffic using our marketing plans.

6. There is no approval on your behalf on any written article, or link, or posting to any site in this marketing plan. We will get the job done all in a professional manner.

7. On completion of 3 Months Of SEO Marketing, we will send a complete report each month by email. 

8. There is no refunds if not satisfied for any reason after the job is completed. Yeah, I know your are going to get a lot of traffic from this marketing plan. Understand there are people who are never satisfied. It is like trying to get something for FREE. We worked hard, doing our best job for you. The truth is your going like this marketing plan and be very satisfied.